Monday, October 5, 2009

MMM: How 'Bout You?

Good Monday stargazers! Last Monday evening I went with friends to the Rob Thomas concert featuring Carolina Liar and One Republic. It was a rainy night to stand out on the lawn and listen to music, but had the skies been clear I can't say that I'd have enjoyed it any more. No offense to Rob Thomas or the other fellas, but your sound just isn't my bag.

Given that lackluster experience, I've been struggling to decide who'd be today's selection. I had another female musician lined up, but figured an injection of testosterone would do the Monday Mood Music good. Then, facepalm! I realized my choice had been dangled in front of me all weekend. On Friday night, this group got a shout out on the Dollhouse (btw, Miracle Laurie returned and was looking fine!). Of course, that random nudge didn't take hold of my brain. Even Saturday when I hit the theater to help make Zombieland the #1 movie in America, I was still oblivious.

To digress for a moment, one thing that I enjoyed about Zombieland was how they paid homage to one of my favorite films, Ghostbusters. I won't ruin it by going into the details, but I love seeing great movies appreciated. Back in the 80's another movie, Better Off Dead, paid homage to Frankenstein when John Cusack's character, Lane, went all wack-a-doo at his fast food job.

Which brings me full circle to the Monday Mood Music. That scene in Better Off Dead featured the exact same song which was in Zombieland; a song written and performed by the band referenced in the Dollhouse. A band that the fellas I mentioned earlier only wish they could be.

Recalling Topher's words, "The human mind is like Van Halen. If you just pull out one piece and keep replacing it, it just degenerates." So true. Without any further adieu, here is Van Halen in it's original incarnation in the scene from Better off Dead:

Van Halen - Everybody Want Some

Talk about coincidence. This week's selection had references to ghosts, Frankenstein and zombies; three of the seven choices in my latest poll. You have voted already, haven't you?

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  1. I loved this claymation sequence from Better Off Dead and wish Savage Steve Holland still made movies!

    I noticed the inclusion of this song in Zombieland, and I've been blasting it in the car ever since. Best use of gratuitous Van Halen since Superbad.

  2. You damn right, Tommy. What the hell ever happened to SSH? Two epic 80s comedies and a cloud of dust.

    This isn't my favorite part of Better Off Dead, but it fits into the larger great thing it has going on - its rampant creativity.

    No fucking shit - my verification word is "metal." What are the odds? That's serendipity, my friends.

  3. @Tommy Salami: It's always a good time for Van Halen. I should blast them at least 1/wk for good measure.

    @Fletch: What is your fave part of Better Off Dead? I think mine was the family meal ending w/ the jar of gasoline.

  4. Not sure, it's been so long since I've seen it. I love the Korean Cosells, and the "pure snow" line.

  5. I'm not even sure I remember the "pure snow" line!