Monday, October 12, 2009

MMM: 2010, That Is Her Year

This Monday's Mood Music selection was queued up and ready to play last week, but my excitement over Zombieland and Van Halen pushed her entry back to today. No matter. Things get better with age, right?

Frequently I attend performances at my alma mater, NC State. The Arts program is always bringing in interesting acts and that, coupled with my alumni discount, makes for low-cost, high quality, non-movie entertainment. This year they have started their Off Center series which features young artists who call NC home. Being an NC native myself, I love giving props when a fellow North Carolinian in the entertainment world crosses my radar (North Carolina Represent!).

Last week Off Center presented a young lady who's not only an NC native, but an alum of NC State and, in fact, was in attendance as the same time as me. We were both resident advisers, yet somehow, we never officially met during that time. Now, a decade later I plopped down in my second row seat and watched Kyler England wow this intimate venue with her music.

Kyler now lives in North Hollywood and has recently signed a major record deal. Here's hoping this is the beginning of big things. She's a great songwriter and I expect she'll be putting the competition on notice (she's coming for you Colbie Caillat!). Here's a tune featured on her latest album, Simple Machine, for you to enjoy:

Kyler England - Clean Slate

It's nice when an artist hits it big and you can say, Oh, I've been listening to her for years. Here's your chance to get ahead of the curve.

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