Monday, April 4, 2011

MMM: Headed South

Sorry for the lack of a Trailer Trash last week, but I had to leave for Jacksonville, Florida on Friday morning and my unorganized self didn't blog ahead. I have faith you were able to avoid Hop and Insidious without my coaxing.

At one point in Jacksonville, the radio sent me a blast from my past. As the Miami Vice theme coursed through the speakers, my first thought was why the show hasn't been revived a la Hawaii 5-0 or V. Then I remembered we have Burn Notice so who needs a revamp of Miami Vice? Besides the networks would only screw up a revival much like they did with Hawaii 5-0 and V.

Within the first few notes a field of charging flamingos, the ocean waves, and bronze bodies fill my mind. The introduction to Miami Vice made you want to call your travel agent and book the next flight out. Seeing the drug busts erupt into a hail of gunfire amid a cloud of cocaine dust made you call the agent back and cancel that reservation. Hammer's racing groove still makes Miami feel like the place to be. With spring upon us, what better song is there to kickstart our summer vacation planning?

Jan Hammer - Miami Vice Theme

If only Jacksonville had a great theme, maybe we would have stayed more than a day.

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