Friday, April 15, 2011

Trailer Trash: The April 15th Quickie

Yay me! I'm back with a Trailer Trash. I hate I didn't get my shit together to post one these past two weeks. At least there were a few movies worth talking about, unlike this weekend. According to IMDb, we've got two major releases this weekend, and my area is getting Redford's latest film, The Conspirator, currently a limited release. Let's take a closer look.

Scream 4 As the interest in mainstream horror continues to wane, the last of the popular slasher franchises takes a stab (pun intended) at snatching coin from anyone nostalgic enough to care. However, there's little in the trailer to interest non-fans to see this and, considering I was never a fan, this can go into the nether regions of my NFQ alongside Scream 3.

Verdict: Exercise the Right to Cinematic Celibacy.

Rio The first in a long line of animated summer entertainment for the kiddies. While this 'Nemo of the Skies' doesn't look as painful as the upcoming Cars 2 or that God awful Smurfs movie, I'll satisfy my jones for bright colors and silly animals when Kung Fu Panda 2 releases next month. You should do yourself and your kids a favor and do likewise. 

Verdict: Exercise the Right to Cinematic Celibacy.

The Conspirator Redford's latest project promises thrilling political intrigue and, for those of us who eked through American history, surprises about the Lincoln assassination. Much like in high school, I'm not sure I'm up for being edumacated this weekend, so I'll pass until I get the buzz about the film from one of my fellow stargazers.

Verdict:  It's Friday, I Don't Want to be Alone.

I'm actually glad this weekend's releases are so sucky. My local second run theater has all the mildly appealing movies of February and March; Drive Angry, Hall Pass, Take Me Home Tonight all for a $1.50 a pop. Sure, the hallways smell of urine and several of the seats are roped off with caution tape, but that's just what we call character, baby.

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  1. Wow, you are DOWN on this week's new releases! They can't be any worse than Sucker Punch, right?

    I'm not exactly high on them - might see Scream 4, but only for podcasting purposes - so I can't blame you too much, though.

    See Hanna!

  2. Oh no, they can't be worse than Sucker Punch. I'm just not in the mood to see either. Apparently, no one else wanted to see Scream 4 either (19m opening).

    Hanna's on my short list. I was a movie watching freak this weekend; saw No Strings Attached, Unknown, Source Code (excellent!), and Drive Angry. All that for a whopping $11.75! That's economizing.

    Hanna tops the list for this coming weekend.