Monday, March 23, 2009

MMM: I Like Big Butts...

I'm not a fan of The Idol. Snippets I've caught of this season seem even more painful than previous years. That said, I own a surprising number of Idol cds. I could blame this on my wife for forcing The Idol on me, but she only did so in seasons 5, 6 and 7. This doesn't explain why I own so many damned albums by the season 1 winner, Kelly Clarkson.

It's not that Kelly is ultra-hot. To me, she has cutesy troll doll features; the opposite of the Olsens' creepy under-the-bridge dwelling look. No offensive KC, but I wasn't whipping out the hand lotion. I do like big butts and Ms. Clarkson, despite her small stature, packs some junk in the trunk. However, recent appearances on The Idol and SNL to promote her latest album show KC is packing a bit more padding than before. I got much love for you Kelly dear, but leggings and form-fitted tops are not working; think flowy.

No, what awakened me to this little woman was her huge sound on the title track of her second album Breakaway. Kelly followed Breakaway with Since U Been Gone, my favorite song off the album. The accompanying video was also the best look Kelly has had over the years. The pop-rock sound she acquired was working for her, and me.

Kelly's new album All I Ever Wanted has a somewhat poppy dance vibe and folks are saying it's much better than her last album. Pfft! My December is easily her best. The album fell victim to a lot of negative press since Kelly and Clive Davis had a falling out. I don't know what he was smoking, but songs like Be Still and Sober showed talent and growth. To celebrate her understated achievement amid all the new album's hype, I've dug up a live performance of Sober. It's a mellow counterbalance to the peppy My Life Would Suck Without You.

Kelly Clarkson - Sober

Kelly don't forget: Flowy, not fitted. Flowy.

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