Monday, March 30, 2009

MMM: I Saw a Man, I Saw a Man...

Just shy of a year ago, the Swell Season came to my fair city. They are better known as Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, the duo who won an Oscar for their song Falling Slowly from the film Once. I really loved that song and one day I will have to include it as a selection for the Monday Mood Music...but not today.

Today I want to feature Dawn Landes, the artist who opened for the Swell Season. After her set, I immediately bounced into the lobby and scooped up her latest cd, Fireproof. It's a great little album. As I listened to it for the umpteenth time this weekend, I wondered why I haven't snatched up her previous two albums. I need to get on that.

By far, my favorite song on Fireproof is Twilight; no relation to the incredibly fictional story of a vamp and girl in love. However, I was thinking I'd like something a bit peppier to jump start the week. That's why I chose another great tune, Bodyguard, which just so happens to have a spanky little video to go with it. Check it out:

Dawn Landes - Bodyguard

For you dedicated Showtime subscribers, the show United States of Tara apparently featured Landes's tune Straight Lines on an episode. Who knew? Have a good one.

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