Thursday, March 26, 2009

Move Over Matt and Ben!

I Love You, Man

Release: 03.20.09
Rated R
1 hour, 50 minutes

See It, Take a Friend, Buy the DVD!

It's the happiest day of Peter Klaven's (Paul Rudd, The Oh in Ohio) life. His girlfriend Zooey (Rashida Jones) just accepted his marriage proposal. Sadly, outside of his mom and the ladies in the office, Pete really doesn't have any buds to tell. Worried he may grow too clingy, Peter starts searching for a best friend. He inadvertently meets Sydney Fife (Jason Segel, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), and that's when the real fun begins.

O-M-G! Rudd and Rashida make the cutest couple on the planet! Rudd and Segel make a hilarious pairing. The supporting cast runs deep in comedy from Reno 911!'s finest, Thomas Lennon (Balls of Fury), to SNL cast members Andy Samberg (Hot Rod)and the underused Jane Curtin (Coneheads). J.K. Simmons (Spider-Man) has maybe three lines total, but knocks 'em all out of the park. Don't even get me started on Jaime "Kinston Represent" Pressly (Not Another Teen Movie), Jon Favreau (Made) and Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk)! Suffice it to say, the film is only as funny as its cast and this one's damned funny.

I Love You, Man clocks in just shy of two hours, but never loses its comic momentum. The story flows smoothly from Peter's friendless failing to a montage of man-dates to a montage of daily comraderie between Pistol Pete and Magoosh, um...let's just stick with Sydney. In a short time, the duo have more fun than B.F.F.s with a lifetime of history. Writer-director John Hamburg (Along Came Polly), using a story by Larry Levin (Doctor Dolittle), crafted a comedy that has its own life - amazing coming from the guy who unleashed Meet the Parents on the world.

Dirty Undies
I Love You, Man slips in some vomit gags and dog poo jokes, but nothing too egregious. There's a little violence and the rude and crude talk you might expect when guys get together but the R rating is barely deserving.

The Money Shot
Despite popularizing the most overused, cutesy catch-phrase of the hour (one I refuse to use), I Love You, Man is as hilarious as Nick Cannon. I'm a huge fan of Rudd and he delivers in every scene. I'm not a huge fan of Rush, but for those who are, the film delivers their great tunes, too. I like a good comedy. I love this great one, man.

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  1. bromancebromancebromancebromancebromance


    I liked it, too.

  2. Aaaaaaggggghhhh, make it stop! :D

    BTW, love the new profile pic. It's kinda creepy and kinda funny all at the same time.

  3. Honestly, I don't see what other people see in this movie. It admittedly has some good jokes, but other than that it's slow, boring, and PAINFULLY awkward. It took everything I had to sit through it, and none of the relationships were that believable. I'm sorry to be such a downer, but there are very few movies that I don't like, and this is one of them.

  4. @Movie Mistress: I've been surprised by how many folks don't like ILUM. I guess I shouldn't be, this is my kind of movie all the way. I really should watch it again now that it's had time to age, see if it's gotten better or worse.

    I thought the awkwardness was quite humorous. I can see how Rudd could get on someone's nerves, but obviously I dug him. I'll look forward to checking your post out when I return from vacay.

  5. Thanks to the incredible chemistry of its two leads, I Love You, Man stands as one of the best buddy comedies since Swingers.

  6. It is a damned good buddy film. I was thinking of adding a Best Buds Award for my end of the year recap. 2010 had a lot of movies with great chemistry between the leads.