Monday, March 9, 2009

MMM: I Can't Get No Relief...

But in this case, I don't need any relief. This song's awesomenicity has forced itself back into my life.

In fact, this Monday Mood Music has it's tentacles embedded deep within my brainpan. How crazy is this? This song was recorded on my birth date, November 6 (albeit eight years before I was born). It was originally written and performed by Bob Dylan then covered by Jimi Hendrix less than a year later. Since it was a cover and not an original song by Hendrix was all that kept me from choosing it two weeks ago for that mood music.

Composer Bear McCreary arranged same said song for one of my favorite shows, Battlestar Galactica. In another weird coincidence, McCreary also composes music for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, another favorite of mine...and not only because of my adoration of Summer Glau (there's the Lena Headey and ass-kicking factors, too).

This weekend was the clincher. As part of my new 'Watchman' commitment I made last week, I went to see Watchmen. Amid the film's great soundtrack selections, which song stands out to me most? All Along the Watchtower as performed by the aforementioned Jimi Hendrix!!! Not surprising since Alan Moore used the lyrics in the graphic novel, Watchmen, but still, that's some kind of freaky! If you could see my face, you'd see the same frakking expression Colonel Saul Tigh has every time a new revelation unfolds on Battlestar!

Maybe it is coincidence, or maybe this song holds the key to some fateful destiny for the Reel Whore. Most likely, it's just a kick-ass tune that draws my attention like a moth to a flame. At any rate, thanks to it's greatness, and in honor of Battlestar's impending series finale, here's McCreary's arrangement:

Bear McCreary - All Along the Watchtower

FYI: Just to add another level of freaky, I've been tinkering with a Battlestar post these past few weeks but wasn't sure it was worth posting. Guess I need to get on it!

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  1. Dude, I JUST downloaded that track from the BSG Season 3 CD today! Another kind of freaky, sir! Indeed, it's a wonderful composition (the BSG version; not so much a fan of what I heard of WATCHMEN, that being the only snippet from the original I've heard), and I do wish McCreary's rendition woulda been in WATCHMEN, 'cuz that would add even more layers to the 12 Colonies and Earth, yes?

    I recommend you publish your BSG post, mate. With only three hours and two episodes left, there's no better time, and I'm anxious to read it.


  2. Ditto! Whatcha waitin' on to finish that post?

  3. @A.P. Simon: I'm a big Hendrix fan so I love his version tho the BSG version in Watchmen would have been freaky!

    I will get on that post ASAP. After the final 3 hours I may be to morose to write for a while.

    @Dodge This!: Why you always gotta be talking smack?!