Monday, May 25, 2009

MMM: Life is NOT a Malfunction.

It's strange how the mind works, or at least how mine does. While watching Terminator Salvation, I was reminded of an even better film about robots: Short Circuit. Thinking about that lovable bucket of lug nuts Johnny 5 also reminded me of the perfect artist for my Monday Mood Music.

With the exception of one week, May's MMM selections have all started with the question "What ever happened to...?" Who better to ask that question of than El Debarge. Scouring the internets for his story I have learned that, like Terminator Salvation, they can't all be winners. Eldra Patrick Debarge started his music career in 1979 with three of his ten siblings in the group appropriately named Debarge.

In 1986, El went solo. His first single was a major success, landing at #3 on US charts. It probably helped that it was featured in the aforementioned film, Short Circuit. He continued to find moderate success in the 90's. Unfortunately, according to Wikipedia, in late 2007 El Debarge was arrested on a myriad of charges. Even worse, in October 2008 he was sentenced to two years in prison after violating probation stemming from those 2007 charges. So if anyone asks you, "Where is El Debarge?" you can shake your head sadly and tell them he is currently serving his sentence for crack cocaine possession in California State Prison at Lancaster.

I know not every story can have a happy ending, but let's hope all the best for El. In the meantime, we can remember the good times.

El Debarge - Who's Johnny

Two funny things to note: I love that Steve Guttenberg was too big of a star to appear in the video, choosing to instead have a cardboard cutout stand in his place. I bet he wouldn't hesitate to make an appearance now. Second, Ally Sheedy's appearance reminds me that Psych Season 4 will be returning soon! See, my mind works in mysterious ways...

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