Monday, May 18, 2009

MMM: Tryin' to Get a Nut!

It's time to return to my quest for lost artists. This week puts me at a loss. I have been scouring Wikipedia, iTunes, etc. trying to dig up some kind of information on him and it first seemed he had vanished. You can't even purchase the CD of his album Juice! In fact, you can't purchase any of his albums from Amazon, unless you count the handful of CDs for sale by third-party vendors. At least I have the cassette; even if I have no player to play it upon. That's right, the cassette, which looked something like this:

I absolutely loved Oran Juice Jones back in the day. I remember singing along to his songs The Rain and Curiosity nearly every day. In my search to discover what he is up to now, I finally uncovered a list of albums released the past few years. They include:

Trife Life by Oran Juice Jones Presents the Triflin' Family (05.09.06)
Player's Call by Oran Juice Jones (03.12.07)
Harlem Gangsta Story by Oran Juice Jones (07.29.08)

Oran Juice Jones Presents The Triflin' Family?! Are you serious? I'm even more shocked by Player's Call, especially considering Mr. Jones is pushing fifty. I guess if Ronald Isley has still got it, no need for any other brother to hang up their pimp cane. I'm thinking Oran Juice Jones is trying to be on the scene again, but unlike LL Cool J, he might want to call it a comeback just so someone knows he's making the attempt.

Thinking back on Curiosity, I believe the chorus went something like, "Curiosity killed the cat (cat, cat), But it was satisfaction, that brought it back (back, back)." I am curious to see what grooves he thought would bring him back to front, but maybe I should be resigned that I will always be satisfied by his greatest hit. That single, The Rain, is still awesome. Nearly half of the song is Oran berating his woman for slipping out on him. This diatribe has been committed to memory for the past twenty-odd years of my life. I love that he wanted to whip out the jammy but flat blastin' both of them would've messed up that thirty-seven hundred dolla lynx coat! My wife is still treated to the my utterances of "You without me is like cornflake without the milk!" and "This is my world, you're just a squirrel, trying to get a nut!" Oh Oran, you were the Shirley Brown of your day.

Sorry about the commercials, but Universal Music Group had to be all douchey and disable youtube embedding...

Oran "Juice" Jones - The Rain

I love that at 0:35, Oran gets so pissed at his woman's infidelity he breaks out into dance on the lonely streets! Even better, at 3:48 we see not one, but two dudes on the sidewalks wearing floral short suits! Oh eighties, how we miss your tunes, but not your style.

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