Sunday, June 13, 2010

Huh, Huh, You Said "Poll"

Evening stargazers! I must apologize for the insufficient postage last week. I had planned for daily updates and barely managed to get two posts published. I've got excuses aplenty, but who gives a shit, really? It's not about dwelling in the past, it's about looking to the future. A perfect sentiment since it's time to recap my last poll and ask for your expert advice with a new poll.

Last time you got to enjoy not one, but two polls. I was looking at the lackluster summer offerings and, using the March to the Box Office Madness bracket currently in contention at the LAMB, I asked:

Of the top ranked films to be released, which made you all tingly?
Of the bottom ranked films to be released, which will suck hardest?

I was surprised to see there was no clear cut choice in either scenario. Here's how the voting shook out:

Must-See Summer Movies
(8 total votes)

1 vote, 2-way tie: Sex & the City 2, Twilight: Eclipse
Methinks my wife and sister, respectively, are to blame for those votes.

2 votes, 3-way tie: Prince of Persia, Toy Story 3, The A-Team
If you throw in my vote for Hannibal and the gang, A-Team will be the clear winner. I'm shocked it didn't rank higher for folks.

I did get one write-in vote for Inception. We'll see if it turns out to be the big box office contender.

Must-Avoid Summer Movies
(5 total votes)

Not sure why there was less participation in this poll, maybe these movies are so bad no one cared enough to vote.

1 vote: Despicable Me
Bringing up the rear of intolerable summer movies, or would it actually be leading the pack? I'm confused, but not enough to waste money on this.

2 votes, 2-way tie: MacGruber, Salt
I've got mixed emotions on this one. No surprise MacGruber landed in the bottom considering it's earned a whopping 8.5 million in it's three weeks of release. A horrid number which probably explains why I can now watch it for $1.50 at my second-run theater this weekend. Ouch!

What's the deal with the Salt hatred? Is it disdain targeted at Angelina Jolie, or do people really think it will suck? I'm always up for a good thrill ride, so I'll be seeing it.


Moving on to the latest hard-hitting question. Since the summer movie scene continues to both suck and blow, I find myself with considerable heft to my wallet. Since it's a proven fact that the friction between my jeans and cash will eventually burn holes in my pockets, I need to decide how best to blow my wad.

My other special lady friend, Shakira, kicks off her global tour this September in North America. I guess with writing the official song for the FIFA World Cup, she's been too busy to send me VIP passes. Disappointing, but I'm an understanding guy. I'll need to pay my own way, but that means flying to a quality venue to see her since North Carolina is a no-tour zone for any big name artist (Country singers and Old Fogie bands excluded).

I'm trying to decide between the Staples Center in Los Angeles or Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, and whether to pony up for the VIP Meet-n-Greet or just get some really spanky seats in the crowd.

What do you think:

The Shakira concert: Stay Home, Go, or Go All Out?

The choices:
Be Shakira's VIP in Los Angeles
Consort with common people in LA
Be Shakira's VIP in Las Vegas
Consort with common people in Vegas
Hold out for a NC Concert
Wait for the Tour BluRay

This poll will be a short one, so go vote now!

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