Monday, June 28, 2010

MMM: Who Knows What She's Gonna Say?

Morning stargazers! Is this week over yet?! It seems every weekend flies by, but I have to drag myself to the week's end. Maybe this week will move quickly, but the Fourth of July weekend will linger. It could happen right?

During the busy-ness of this past weekend I did manage to cash in some dusty Amazon credits for new music. What better way to kick off the week than with some spanky new tunage in the Monday Mood Music!

This week's artist is Daniel Victor Snaith. He's an electronica musician known as Caribou, but up until 2004, he was known as Manitoba. Crazy story. Snaith was sued by American singer Richard Blum who goes by the stage name Richard "Handsome Dick" Manitoba. A ludicrous lawsuit and I don't see how anyone could possibly get the two of these fellas mixed up, but it happened, and thus, Caribou was born.

Another wacky tidbit about Mr. Snaith, he has a Ph.D. in mathematics. Not a bad fall back, but I don't think he'll be needing it based on his body of work. Today's music selection comes from his latest album, Swim. Enjoy!

Caribou - Odessa

Not the most cheerful sentiment, but it's a haunting groove.

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