Monday, June 14, 2010

MMM: Post, Finally!

Readers who know me well saw this coming, especially after the release of the A-Team. By the way, I did see it this weekend and you can expect a review in the immediate future. Right now's not the time for movies, it's time for the Monday Mood Music!

Today's artist, Leland Postil, has amassed an excellent catalog of tunage which made it difficult to choose a single selection. I managed to narrow it down to six songs that are ingrained into my mind for all eternity. Call it the nostalgia of childhood or a sign of a talented composer, either way, these songs are instantly recognizable to not only me, but millions.

That's because these multiple mood musics are all theme songs composed or co-composed by Mr. Postil, a.k.a. Mike Post, for some great television series of the eighties and nineties. Take a walk with me down memory lane.

The A-Team Theme - Pete Carpenter & Mike Post
I love how they left in the sound of B.A. kicking in the door.

Doogie Howser, M.D. Theme - Mike Post
NPH rules!

Greatest American Hero
Theme - Pete Carpenter & Mike Post

Makes me want to pop in the show and watch it.

Hill Street Blues
Theme - Mike Post

This was more of my parents show than mine, but the theme song sticks with you.

Magnum, P.I. Theme- Pete Carpenter & Mike Post
My mom was a huge Magnum fan. I think everyone's mom was in love with that mustache and hairy chest.

Quantum Leap Theme - Mike Post & Jerry Grant
FYI: As I understand it, only the first rendition in this video belongs to Mike Post and Jerry Grant.

Mike Post is also responsible for many equally popular theme songs for shows still running. Law & Order and all its spin-off spawn to name a few. Which Mike Post theme song if your favorite?


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  1. I think Greatest American Hero is the best stand-alone tune. However, given all the hours of comfort I've derived from Law & Order, I'd have to pick that one as my favorite.

  2. You know I'm partial to GAH. Quantum Leap stands up pretty well for me too.

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