Monday, June 21, 2010

MMM: Make Me Wanna Say Oh-My-God!

Wait all you anti-Ursher fans, don't leave! This Monday Mood Music has nothing to do with him or his new club hit OMG. No dear stargazers, this week's song, and I use that term loosely, is a little outside my normal selection process. Heck, I'm not even sure it qualifies as a song, but it's the most insane thing I've seen in recent memory.

While flipping through the channels late Saturday night, I was brought to a screeching halt by this song playing on MTV Hits. I'm always looking for that next big tune that I can't stop humming...I just hadn't planned on it being something like this.

From my research I learned this tune isn't the latest thing; it's been buzzing around since summer of '09. How I missed it for an entire year is unimaginable, but, obviously, possible. This isn't the original video, but it's the closest that I could find to the one I experienced. The groovin' girl is killer, but the rabbit (not shown on the TV version I saw) takes the cake. Okay, the suspense is even killing me now. I hope you get a kick out of:

DJ Steve Porter featuring Vince Offer-
Slap Chop Rap

The resurgence of the Slap Chop Rap infomercial is most likely due to Vince "the ShamWow! Guy" Offer promoting Eminem's new album Recovery this past week.

Who cares about that? I just hope this Slap Chop tune slaps your troubles away. It's definitely brightened my week.

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  1. Awesome! Makes me wonder; would Pampered Chef need all those saleswomen if they had just one Vince?

  2. Vince is the all-in-one salesman, he shucks, he jives, he slices and dices, he smacks prostitutes - how many Pampered Chef will do all that?