Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I've Caught the TVD!

It was inevitable. With the films of 2010 sucking so much, the Reel Whore had to look elsewhere for satisfaction. In the darkened corner of my living room skulked an old mistress, waiting to welcome me back into her arms. Her warm glow has comforted me at a time when the theater could not. Stargazers, I've stepped out on movies and caught the TVD!

TVD, or TeleVision Disease, is a sneaky infection. With cinematic entertainment lacking, I found myself doing what I never do, flipping channels. While seemingly harmless, you can quickly find yourself enveloped by a show. If you are as compulsive as I am, you can't just catch a random episode here and there; you must watch every episode in the series! Thanks to commercials and promotions, one show led to another and another and, well, you know.

Until last week I didn't realize I was infected. I assumed my lack of website postage was due to the slim pickins. Partially true, but when I looked at the increasing list of movies in my review queue, the truth could not be denied. My TVD has become so rampant it's interfering with my first love.

Luckily, the Reel Whore can handle multiple partners. I just need to be upfront and honest with both film and television. I want to confess the indulgences that have kept me riveted to the couch these past few weeks.

Recent Fraternizations:

Dexter - I finished S3 last week and can already feel the tremors starting. Unfortunately S4 won't be released until August so I'll be going through serious withdrawal. Until then I'll be dreaming darkly of Dexter.

Burn Notice - It's like MacGuyver, Magnum, P.I. and the A-Team had some sort of freaky, deaky orgy and the offspring was left to right wrongs and wreak havoc on the streets of Miami. Jeffrey Donovan rules.

Glee - Jane Lynch and her incessant belligerence towards Matthew Morrison's curly locks is just one reason to tune in every week. I'm trying to resist the urge to watch it all over again this summer during Fox's re-airing of the season.

Hell's Kitchen - I can't remember why I started watching, but I know I can't stop watching. Crafty editing and endless recapping aside, I've got to hang on til the end to see whether me or the wife called the final two from the first episode.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - I've been streaming the animated series off of Netflix in anticipation of the upcoming Shyamalan film adaptation. I really love Ang's quirkiness and childish ways. It worries me the tone of the movie seems so serious.

Justified - Phenomenal! Abso-fucking-lutely phenomenal! Best season finale of 2010, no question. There is so much to love about Justified. Instead of listing them, check out fellow LAMB Fletch's Favored Five.

Boondocks - Aaron MacGruder's comic strip about Huey and Riley returns to animated life on Cartoon Network for its third and final season. The Hateocracy was genius, but then Riley comes along and blows me away in both Smokin With Cigarettes and The Fundraiser.

Doctor Who - The first turn of Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. It had a bit of a rocky start, but I'm beginning to find the groove. It's got to be hard for anyone to follow on the heels of David Tennant's brilliant portrayal.

Upcoming Rendezvous:

Psych - Shawn and Gus, a.k.a. Black and Tan, return for their fifth season. I totally dig the random pop culture references buried in every episode, but I can't decide if I'm more excited to see which awesome guest stars will appear or how the duo will slam The Mentalist for scamming its concept.

Being Human - Don't stop me if you've heard the one about the vampire, the werewolf and the ghost who rent a flat together because you haven't heard this story. First season was a slow boil, spilling into more questions than they can possibly answer in the new season. Get caught up now so you won't be behind come July.

Mad Men - If you watch the show, you are counting down the minutes until its July premiere. Everything we knew before has changed; is it wrong to secretly hope for some happy resolutions?

This isn't even counting shows I want to grab from Netflix like Rome, Breaking Bad, Entourage, The Inbetweeners, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, True Blood...the list goes on.

That's what has been and will be captivating my attention. Have you caught TVD? If so, which shows are responsible?

In keeping with my TVD confession, expect to see more television-related content all week. Check out yesterday's TV theme Monday Mood Music if you missed it.

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  1. My summer project has been to go back to episode one of LOST and start watching them all over again in anticipation of the dvd release of season six in August.

    For many of the earliest episodes, this is only the second time I'm seeing them.

    Unfortunately, this bit of geeking out has pre-empted my original summer idea of finally sitting down and watching The Wire.

    C'est La Vie.

  2. Last summer was a huge game of tv catch up for me while I was on maternity leave (Weeds, Mad Men, True Blood, Lost, Dexter, Greek). This summer it's Buffy and Angel. I never caught them during their initial airings, though I was in the target demographic.

  3. Yes! Someone else who I read watches DOCTOR WHO!!! You watching it on BBC America or online? BBC America just got done airing, I think, "The Hungry Earth", and the internet just released "The Lodger" (which was awesome). I will always love David Tennant, but Matt Smith is really growing on me!

    I watched the first 3 eps of JUSTIFIED and fell in love. You've successfully convinced me to put that at my #1 or #2 on my Must-Do list.

    Don't worry, by the way, you're not the only one suffering from TVD. I haven't had much interest in writing about movies I've seen as of late, 'cuz TV has become WAAAYY more addicting.

  4. @Mad Hatter: You'll be way up on me; I've only seen 1 episode of Lost.

    The Wire is on my must-see list, but the 5 seasons are a deterrent. I'm going for short-lived series right now.

    @Film-Book: So very good.

    @Rachel: I didn't jump on the Buffy bandwagon until S3 aired, but quickly became a true believer. Hope you have a blast. You should avoid this week's Hump, major spoilers.

    @Andy the Time Lord: I watch the BBCA eps so I just finished the Hungry Earth. It took me about 4 eps before I cottoned to Matt Smith, but I'm into it now.

    Justified is just too crazy not to watch.

    TV has become crazy addictive! For me, it helps that HBO & Showtime shows consistently have more violence, sex and language than most movies nowadays.

  5. Justified was quite good; anyone wanting more Timothy O and fabulous dialogue should pick up the Deadwood DVDs.

    Right now I'm catching up on True Blood S2, with Big Love S1 next (since I now live in SLC, it's required watching, I think) and then The Wire, and then Mad Men. Breaking Bad is on the list too.

    I liked S1 of Being Human but the cable company out here doesn't carry BBCAmerica - so sad.

    I've got all the Buffy and Angel disks and have recently gotten the urge to go back and pick out my favorite eps. I've watched both series all the way through at least three times each. Can't decide if that's pathetic or just devoted.

  6. @Friend Mouse: Deadwood comes highly recommended by me too. I love how they worked so many actors from Deadwood onto Justified.

    I'm doing Spaced right now. I have to wait on True Blood, a friend of mine wants to watch it in conjunction with me.

    Boo to the lack of BBC America!

    Devoted I say. :)