Friday, October 15, 2010

FMK Friday: Final Girls Fight!

I apologize for my negligence with this feature, but this one's worth the wait. Join me in the latest round of Fuck, Marry Kill!

To play I present you, my readers, with three people. You must decide which person you'd like to bed, which you'd wed and which you want dead. It's not always as simple as it sounds.

The theme of Round 6, The Siblings of Michael Bluth, received a total of eight votes. Though it looks like decent participation, the poll was up for an entire month! I am wondering if folks aren't keen on voting in FMK's featuring men. C'est la vie. In the meantime, let's see which of Michael's siblings is the most beloved:
Fuck Lindsay,
Buster (or Gob),

Gob (or Buster)

Taking a closer look at the votes we see:

It's pretty clear where Lindsay stands in voters eyes, but Buster managed to get the upper hand over Gob in death and marriage.

Fuck Lindsay: Shocker, but the attention-starved woman who parades around in a 'SLUT' shirt garnered the most votes for sharing stargazers' sex fantasies. I agree. Self-absorbed bitchiness aside, Lindsay is still a looker. Plus, she's the only one with long locks of hair; can't do much pulling or snatching with the fellas.
Marry Gob or Marry Buster: The majority voted to wed Buster, but I had to give my hand to Gob, making for a tie. Sure, Gob's an utter moron and he'll cost you thousands with his $100 bill magic trick, but there's a neediness to him that's irresistible. Besides, he can entertain me for hours with Franklin.
Kill Buster: As many of you wanted to marry Buster as you did kill him. In the end, Buster got my kill vote bringing him over the edge. He's just too much of a mama's boy to ever make marriage or a one-night stand work. I'm not about to share anyone with Lucille, or Lucille!


Welcome to Round 7. This poll should have went up on October 1, but as you may have noticed, I'm a slacker. At any rate, the big doings in October is Halloween. While I work diligently to compile posts for my Week of Reel Whorror, here's you chance to help your favorite final girl lay the competition flat on its ass. I've chosen one final girl from each decade, 70s, 80s and 90s, to duke it out. I would have chosen someone from the 00s, but, and correct me if I'm wrong, there isn't a lady worthy of the title.

Fuck, Marry, Kill
Final Girls Fight!

From left to right
Laurie Strode; In the Halloween series, Laurie is quite a catch despite having a psychotic brother stalking her. She's a looker, but don't stare too long or she'll poke your eye out with a hanger.

Nancy Thompson; Nancy is not only the target of the vicious dream-killer, but she's also a victim of 80s fashion thanks to the timing of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Look beyond the frizzy hair and fuzzy sweaters and you'll find a sexy survivalist.

Sidney Prescott; Sidney may not be as well-endowed as her contenders, but they call her series Scream for a reason. She's not a full blown skank, but I have it on good authority she gives it up in the first installment.

Round 7 will run through October 28th. That gives you two weeks to give your final girl the votes she needs to survive.  It's up to you whether your choice comes out on top or gets put six feet under.

Choose wisely.

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  1. I take my hat off to the author of this article. Well done.

  2. Well, I know Laurie ages into True Lies era JLC so she's the marryin' kind!

  3. marry. Laurie Strode. that rack is great.

    fuck. Nancy Thompson

    kill. Sidney Prescott

  4. @Tommy Salami: It was tough for me. Really came down to a coin toss between Laurie & Nancy for Fn & Mn.

    @Film-Book: I was surprised to see so much Sidney hate in the poll. Laurie does have a great rack, and Nancy's sweater puppies were always tantalizing.