Monday, February 14, 2011

A Day for Hot Sexy Mamas and Cool Prima Donas

Good morning stargazers! In case anyone is over the latest and greatest music in the world as lauded last night by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, I've opted for a classic jam today.

I have two reasons for this selection. The first, most obvious one is that it is Valentine's Day and what better day for a love song. My second reason is that I've spent the better part of my weekend reinstalling my operating system after a pesky virus wormed its way into my PC. My little machine is finally functioning again (as you can see) and with one more evening of work, it will once again resemble its former self.

PC problems over the Valentine's weekend. That's why the single Computer Love by 70's funk and soul band Zapp & Roger is today's Monday Mood Music. It was released over twenty-five years ago, but it's still a groovy joint. Enjoy!

Zapp & Roger - Computer Love

With this frustrating speed bump behind me, I'm glad to be able to return to my blogging duties. If I suffer no more set backs (fingers crossed) I can finally start cranking out my overdue 2010 Confessions.


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