Monday, February 28, 2011

MMM: Rise Like Yeast

Once again thanks to everyone who visited last week for my 2010 Confesssions. I now return you to Reel Whore's regularly scheduled programming.

If you're like me, you were glued to the Oscars until the the last note of the PS 22 Choir's Somewhere Over the Rainbow was sang. As usual, my knack for predicting the winners, but what can you do?

I'm not going to analyze my winner selection suckitude or the highs and lows of the evening. I'm more preoccupied by how, despite how tired I was, I continued to buzz around the house until nearly 2am. I was folding and putting away clothes, cleaning the kitchen, making my weekly todo list, paying bills, reading, etc. Maybe the grocery bag of buttered popcorn and half-gallon of soda I downed at the Oscar party had me buzzing, but this delayed sleeptime has happened for more than a few evenings. It could be that it topped 80 degrees yesterday, lovely weather for February right? I'm not complaining, but it the change could be screwing with my beauty rest.

Point is, I'm all hepped up on goofballs. As I lay in bed this morning pondering whether to kill the alarm and try to get more rest or just get up a trudge through the day, one my all-time favorite songs popped in my head. The song's fifteen years old now, but I remember catching the video on MuchMusic way back when. After all this time, it's still my jam and it's thumping groove was able to propel me into motion. Enjoy!

Faithless - Insomnia

Well, I'm off to tackle the day. Hopefully, this perpetual lack of sleep won't catch up with me until I'm nestled into the ass groove of my couch tonight.

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  1. I guess I didn't spend as much time with you 15 years ago as I remember because I don't recall that song at all. BTW, how come "Clean House" isn't on your "Doin' It on the Couch" list?

  2. a) How do you not remember this song!


    b) I thought we were dropping Clean House and so I didn't add it. Sounds like I should add it.