Monday, October 27, 2008

MMM: A Graveyard Smash!

Monday already, huh? More importantly, Halloween is just five days away! I'd like to use my Monday Mood Music platform to launch my own mini post-a-thon in celebration of the season. Welcome to the first post in the Week of Reel WHorror!

This week's music selection satisfies both the groove you need to start the week off right but also the vibe necessary to ring in the witching hour.

The video is more a short film than a collage of pretty images set to music. It debuted nearly twenty-five years and cost around a half-million dollars; an unheard of amount at that time for a music video.

Zombies with far better coordination than those in Romero films get down in the dead of night, Vincent Price recites a foreboding prelude to the horrors to come, and director John Landis transforms the King of Pop into a cat-like monster and a zombie with a penchant for red leather. Michael Jackson's Thriller is a classic. You'll no doubt hear it a lot this week, but enjoy the full length video here.

The scariest part of Thriller is Ola Ray's skin-tight blue denim cheetah print capri's and matching denim jacket. **shudder**

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  1. I've never cared much for the song, but it's truly a groundbreaking video - and one whose popularity and scope you could argue has never been matched.

  2. An easy argument. I know MJ tried with a second Halloween video and with Moonwalker. Others have tried but no one can come close to this.

    Not an MJ fan, or just not a fan of Thriller?

    My next two weeks won't be pop or R&B but I'm guessing you won't appreciate those either. Need to hit your Monday groove bone before too long.

  3. You might be surprised what would hit my Monday groove bone. My tastes run pretty eclectically, if that's a word.

    I respect MJ's music more than I enjoy it. He was rightfully a phenomenon and shattered everything from expectations to walls to...his face.

  4. I checked out your profile music and I see we have a lot of similar tastes. Kanye West and Be Folds are both big in my book. Kanye had a brief appearance At RW last week.

    "...his face." LOL!