Friday, October 31, 2008

Week of Reel WHorror!: Day 5

Welcome to the Final Day of the
Week of Reel WHorror!
It's the last day of the Week of Reel WHorror! Do you really think I'll start talking about Grindhouse or it's sexy stars Freddy Rodriguez and Rose McGowan now?

The big day is here. Day 5, best recognized as Halloween, is upon us! The only day scarier than October the 31st is Friday the 13th. That's why this past week I have been steeping myself in the legend of one the greatest slashers of my time, Jason Vorhees. I've seen all the movies in the series at one time or another but until this past week, I had never taken the time to view them from frame one to the last. There's been some moments great, bad and just plain lame.

13 Observations about
Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

Betsy Palmer is bat-shit insane as Pamela Vorhees!
Bad: Marcie's final wash up - she gives up before the axe falls.
Lame: Crazy Ralph comes to Crystal Lake to forewarn the counselors. How? Jumping out of the pantry to scream doom to a solitary Alice. Crazy is as crazy does.

Friday the 13th Part 2

Good: We simultaneously learn Jason doesn't kill dogs, but he really shouldn't leave home without his mask.
Bad: A one-eyed flour sack? For real!
Lame: Despite all the murders on Crystal Lake, Jason's shanty-shack is never discovered but is found by three random people in the course of this one day!

Friday the 13th Part III

Good: The origination of the famously recognizable hockey mask.
Bad: Any non-murderous, gimmicky 3-D moment (and most murderous ones too). Juggling apples and dangling yo-yo's may have been 3-D theater worthy in '82 but it doesn't fly now.
Lame: Plot is a Pamela-Jason vice versa redux of the original.

Friday the 13th:
The Final Chapter

Good: Corey Feldman goes bat-shit insane as Tommy Jarvis!
Bad: Pronounced and presumed dead for an insanely long period of time only to wake and kill again.
Lame: The Final Chapter is named The Final Chapter.

Those of you who made it through elementary school having not drowned in a lake during summer camp may realize two things; this is only twelve observations about only four of the films.

13) The original series, I-IV even including the painful Part III, has a quality that wasn't quite ever matched once Jason officially went to his grave. Sure Jason Lives, Jason X and Freddy Vs. Jason have great camp value, but once they sort of "closed the book" on Jason it was never quite recaptured.

I hope you enjoyed the Week of Reel WHorror!


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