Thursday, October 9, 2008

The RW Quarterly, Vol. I - Issue 3

This quarter's update is a little late but you know how complicated those TPS forms can be. This past quarter I managed to squeeze in 39 films (two were repeat viewings), a few less than the previous quarter. I expect the final three months of 2008 will see a resurgence in movie watching, assuming I can stop picking up new TV show DVD's to watch.

As you will notice there are quite a number of films italicized in blue which will be receiving a review within the next few weeks. I have a note from my doctor to excuse my lameness, but check back over the next few weeks to see them posted.

As always, if you see something I haven't reviewed that you'd like to hear my two cents about, send me a shout and I will add it to the review queue.

The Reel Whore's Movies Watched
July 1 to September 30, 2008

87. The Machine Girl
88. Wall-E
89. Hancock
90. Horse Whisperer
91. Hellboy
92. Hellboy II: The Golden Army
93. So Close
94. Batman: Gotham Knight
95. Before Sunrise
96. Stargate
97. Big Trouble in Little China
98. Hamlet 2
99. The Dark Knight
100. Swing Vote
101. Midnight Meat Train
102. Death Race 2000
103. Step Brothers
104. Shaolin Soccer (Chinese)
105. Pineapple Express
106. Shaolin Soccer (English)
107. The Wackness
108. Tropic Thunder
109. Outsourced
110. The House Bunny
111. Mama's Boy
112. Traitor
113. Sex Drive
114. Baghead
115. Vicky Cristina Barcelona
116. The Abyss
117. Elegy
118. Leaving Las Vegas
119. The Messengers
120. The House Bunny
121. The Hot Chick
122. Tremors
123. Burn After Reading
124. Death Race
125. Man on Wire
126. Deal
127. The Family That Preys

* Movies in Blue are currently in the review queue.

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  1. You are the only one I know that is just as wacky (or sadistic) enough to see some of the hot garbage you listed besides me, lol!

    I can come to you like a Catholic confessional, and actually admit that I saw "Midnight Meat Train" (I'm not telling anybody else tho).

    Can't wait to read your review of the family that preys.

  2. I am the Whore for a reason, I will see anything...that doesn't feature talking CGI chihuahuas or the deadly Sean-Marlon Wayans duo.

    I see no shame in seeing Midnight Meat Train. Just in case, 2 Hail Mary's and you should be absolved.

    I need to get onto Family that Preys review. It managed to make it into the running for best scene of the year. Can you guess which one?

  3. The pimp slap to Sanaa Lathan? If it's not that, I can't imagine...the only other thing I really remember is Tyler Perry's wig!

  4. Yes! Over the counter!

    Took me a while to notice TP's wig, his bad acting distracted me from that mess on his head.