Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Mood Music (10.06.2008)

Hey stargazers! It looks like my Dammit Jim! auto-pilot ran out of steam early last week. No matter. Here's a little mood music plus while you wait for the site to get back up to speed.

I have a special three-fer set of videos. This first video, from this weekend's episode of SNL, reminded me how truly talented Mark Wahlberg is:

Video #2 is a shameless promotion for Mark Wahlberg's upcoming film Max Payne which looks awesome and not just because Mila Kunis also stars. I always felt Wahlberg was part of the next generation of action heroes and this should be one more step to proving it.

The final video, and this week's Mood Music selection is from Mr. Wahlberg when he was better know as Marky Mark, rolling with the Funky Bunch. Their hit single Good Vibrations is still immediately recognizable within hearing the first few notes and always gets the blood pumping. I present to you the classic jam of 1991:

Yeah! Can ya feel it baby?

I can too.

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