Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Doin' DragonCon

In case you were wondering this IS primarily a movie blog, contrary to the last few posts. I've got so many movie reviews waiting in the wings, you may not be able to handle it once I release. Before I let those dogs out, I want to recap my trip to the ATL, specifically to DragonCon. At times it was frustrating, crowded and hectic, but it was always tons of fun.

My main goal at D*C09 was stargazing. There was a long list of talent in attendance and I met the majority of folks I had planned to see.

My most random encounter came while standing in the lobby of the Hilton on Thursday night. As I people-watched from the center of the floor, the sliding doors parted and a warm gust of exhaust-tinged air preceded a quick-moving gaggle of people. The group approached with two hotel security guards taking the lead. In the center of the five remaining people I saw a stocky man sporting a white Cuban shirt with a matching Havana straw hat. The brim was pulled so low only a pair of ruddy, squirrelish cheeks were visible. As the group parted around me, the little devil on my side was tempted to shout, "It's Shatner!" at the top of my lungs and watch the chaos ensue. Instead, I quietly turned and watched as the security guards threw open a pair of double doors at the opposite end of the hall and quickly herded the entourage away from fanboy clutches.

That random moment aside, I can't decide which celebrity was most excited to meet. Instead of trying to figure it out, I'll mention a few highlights and let you browse the meet-and-greet photos.

My very first stop in the Walk of Fame was to meet Eric Roberts. Why him, you may ask? Because he's the fuckin' man, that's why! We talked a little about Best of the Best and It's My Party along with his upcoming appearance in The Expendables and his new role on the TV show Crash.

As a Friday the 13th fan, I had to stop by Kane Hodder's table. He was a great guy and posed for a couple of different photos with me and my pal. Who knew Jason was such a softie underneath that mask? Dude is too cool for school.

From Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I got to meet Julie Benz, Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters. I was chastised by the very sexy Julie for having never tuned in to the "most amazing show on television," Dexter. Honestly, I have no excuse seeing as how even Netflix says I'll give it a 5.0 out of 5.0. All was forgiven when she learned I watched her Lifetime movie Held Hostage. Julie's performance makes it worth the watch as does the supporting role of That Guy Bruce McGill.

I was nervous to meet Charisma after all the years I drooled while watching BtVS, Angel and Veronica Mars. To answer a friend's question, "Was she as hot in person?" She's hot, with a capital DAMN! We talked about her upcoming Syfy flick House of Bones and how she's the big female draw for The Expendables.

Marsters was also great fun. Our converse centered on his role as Brainiac and his appearance on Torchwood. I've got to tell you, if you ever get the chance to meet him, he gives great camera! I've posted a handful of poses he did with several lucky ladies that's a must see. Needless to say, the wife was not happy that I insisted on being included in her photo op with James.

By far the most affectionate celeb was Doug Jones. If you ever get to meet the man underneath the costuming of the Silver Surfer and Abe Sapien, be prepared to be squeezed! My wife tells me everyone needs four hugs a day. I'm certain Doug filled my daily quota and gave me a few to grow on, all within a few minutes' time. If you ever find yourself down and out at a con and Doug's nearby, he'll turn that frown upside down.

I was disappointed I never got the chance to meet Battlestar Galactica's Mary McDonnell. I swung by the last day I was there only to find that she had left for the day. On the other hand, meeting The Guild's Felicia Day was an quest too impossible for this Con newb to complete. I thought Nimoy and Shatner had long lines, but she put them all to shame!

If celebrities aren't your thing, you should check out the variety of characters you'll encounter at DragonCon. Of all the photos I took, I think the Marvel Zombies, the Dragon Lady, Ms. Klingon Empire 2009, and the green punk chica are the most memorable. Which ones stand out for you?

I also managed to snap some half-assed shots of the Parade. Nowhere other than the D*C Parade will you find a legion of Ghostbusters, an army of Browncoats and every Star Wars character imaginable in one place.

With all this going on, you may be surprised to learn that we managed to do the Atlanta tourist thing, too, swinging by the World of Coca-Cola, the Botanical Garden and the Georgia Aquarium. It's been nearly two weeks since all this happened and the whirlwind is still kicking up dust in my mind. Having gone to both SDCC and D*C now, I can't think of what kind of nerdly mischief I'll find myself in next year. Any suggestions?

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  1. Love your pics from these things; they bring me a slice of the joy with only a fraction of the weirdness. ;) Come to some Con in Phoenix (if there ever is one) and I'll go with you.

    Jones looks and sounds like a really nice guy. Charisma...doesn't quite look as good as I recalled her looking, though she still looks good.

    No pic of Eric Roberts?

  2. Ahhh, Reelwhore revealed...loves it! :-)

    Thanks for NOT posting pics of Eric Roberts--he looks absolutely terrible these days...

  3. LOL - Im the redhead in the two pictures with James Marsters. Having a photo op with James is always a highlight because, yup - he really does give good camera!!

  4. @Fletch: It's a date! Umm, er, you betcha pal. Hanging in Phoenix and doing manly man things if a Con ever comes to town, sounds cool.

    Jones was great. That wasn't the best pic for Charisma, but by the way I was droolin' I can attest she looked great in person.

    If you click on the pics it should take you to the full albums. I shoulda done the slideshow thing. Here's the Roberts link:

    @IW: You can check out Roberts in the above link if you dare! He was alot thinner than I expected. I guess all those suits he wears in movies and videos now makes him look bulkier than he is.

    I guess that was my first official RW pic on the site. There are lots more over in my albums. I need to add a sidebar link to those.

  5. @Anonymous: Glad you stopped by. I loved your photos. I wish I had payed for a couple extra fun poses. Next Con I find Marsters at, I will!

  6. You definitely need to do the slideshow; some favorite folks in there (and heavyweights, too, both literally and figuratively). Alan Ruck, Lou Ferrigno, Malcolm McDowell, the A-Team guys. Sweet!

  7. @Fletch: ask and you shall receive. Updated the post with a celeb slideshow.