Monday, September 21, 2009

MMM: She Came Back Around!

I don't know about you, but September seems to be whizzing by. Part of what helps make time fly is having entertainment-filled evenings. Since quality theatrical releases have been scarce this month, I have relied on Netflix, plays and concerts to keep my need to be amused sated. Tonight is one such example.

After work, I'm headed down the road to the Cat's Cradle. Like myself, the Cradle's been bringing joy to the masses for over thirty years. Tonight the Cradle brings Ingrid Michaelson back to town. Her name may not be familiar to you, but if you've tuned into network television in the past couple of years, particularly Grey's Anatomy, you've probably heard her music. Having never watched Grey's, I have to thank for introducing me to Ingrid.

I missed her first concert, but I scooped up my tickets lickety-quick this time before the show sold out again. Tonight, I'm looking forward to hearing her older tunes from her Girls and Boys and Be OK albums. I'm very excited to hear more than just a thirty second clip of her new songs. That's why this Monday Mood Music selection was chosen from her latest album, Everybody. Enjoy!

Ingrid Michaelson - Maybe

While looking up her background, I discovered Ingrid and another favorite singer-songwriter of mine, Sara Bareilles, are friends. Don't be surprised if a Sara post appears before too long.

Large Association of Movie Blogs

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