Monday, September 28, 2009

MMM: A Picture's Worth

For this week's Monday Mood Music, I'd like to start a little different. By show of hands, how many of you saw Funny People? Hmmm, that few huh. Well, I'm sure at least a handful of you have watched NBC's comedy Parks and Recreation and recognize this young lady:

Her name's Aubrey Plaza. She plays April the intern on that show and played Seth Rogen's love interest, Daisy, in Funny People. Now, I've got a question for you; what's different about this next picture?

If you said the hat, thanks for playing but you have to say goodbye. In fact, what's different is that it is a photo of Diane Birch. Diane Birch is a singer songwriter from Michigan. Obviously, Aubrey and Diane would be the perfect pair for cheerfuld's Sisters From Another Mister over at do you have a flag?. Instead, I thought their uncanny resemblance would be the perfect segway into this week's selection.

I heard her (Diane's, that is) single Nothing But a Miracle earlier this summer on VH1 one Saturday morning. It popped back onto my radar a few weeks back prompting me to download her album, Bible Belt. Since that time I've listened to it about seventeen bazillion times and still can't get enough! Okay maybe I exaggerate a little, but the point is her old soul sound has burrowed a comfortable little nest up in my brain. Now, for those who haven't heard that first single, here's your chance to become infected by her sound by checking out her debut television performance:

Diane Birch - Nothing But a Miracle

Yeah, yeah it's another piano playing lady. So sue me. I dig what I dig and I'm digging Diane a LOT. So should you.

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  1. The resemblance is freaky. I bet I'd like Diane's sound, too, if someone would let me borrow the wePod.

  2. You could put her on your own pod. It'd be faster than waiting for the communal pod to return. :-)