Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Excursion Engage!

Hailing stargazers, this is the Reel Whore speaking. I mentioned imminent vacation plans in Monday's Mood Music. The course has been set for fun, but fear not. While I enjoy the pleasures of Risa, the site will post entertaining content in my stead.

I shall return rejuvenated with lots to share. Catch you on the flip side of Labor Day.

Mr. Crusher, Engage!

Large Association of Movie Blogs


  1. OMG! I would have to say that this post is literally the BEST blog post that has ever been stumbled across my laptop screen in the last year! With none other than Capt. Picard "showing" the bird there has been a nice little cherry and a bit of icing placed on top. Too bad it ain't an animated GIF.

  2. Thanks! An animated gif would be awesome. I think you may hold the record for fastest response to one of my posts!

  3. Posting a fast response is one of the benefits of having a RSS aggregator like Google Reader. I love that thing! Plus your ST:TNG themed post was so awesome that I couldn't help but post a comment!

  4. I use Reader, too, but it sucks when you've been away from the PC for days and come back to like 600 new posts to sort thru. Ugh!

  5. "it sucks when you've been away from the PC for days and come back to like 600 new posts to sort thru"

    There isn't a much worse feeling. It's like "I want to read these posts, but even more, I just want that number to be below 100." I usually end up being a bad blog reader buddy in those cases.

    Anyway, I'm pretty sure you've posted that Picard vid before, but I won't hold anything against you. It's splendiforous.

  6. I couldn't tell you the last time my reader was below 100. I feel good when I can whittle it below 200 nowadays.

    The Picard vid was my first time. I think I remember seeing it over on Careful w/ that Blog Eugene last year.